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Heat Transfer Film, Garment Transfer Film, Printable PU/PVC, Decal Film

Product Detail Information
* Called as Garment Transfer Film, Heat Transfer Film, Heat Transfer Paper, Silicone Transfer Film, Hotmelt Transfer Film, ...
<  Application / Advantages >
1) Little Extra to the Ordinary, Supplying Extra-Ordinary  Products.
     : Value up by adding a little extra film transferring.
       Just  a basic cotton T-shirt turns to a valued apparel.
2) Good for Customized Products.
     : Widely used in customized apparel and souvenir, such as caps, tote bags, drink cozies,
       apron & so on. 
3) Simple and profitable to enter into the garment transfer &  printing market.
        : Cost-effective product, easy to produce and wide ranges of market.
       *  Required production facilities for garment transfer &   printing film products.
            - Computer
            - Graphic program
            - A plotter machine
            - Garment Transfer & Printing Film
            - Heat Press
< Type of Film >
1) Polyester Metallic / Polyester Metallic Holo
Roll Spec: 500mm x 100meter
- High glossy and glamorous film
- Made of quality metallized polyester film
- No chemical deformation of hotmelt
- No trace after cover film releasing
2) PVC
Roll Spec: 500mm x 50meter
 - Vibrant colours and vivid 3D effect
 - Rotating and animating image in response to a lookers movement
 - Silicon treated for easy releasing
 - Better performance for small designs such as lettering
3) PU (Poly Urethane)
Roll Spec: 500mm x 50meter
 - High elasticity
 - Environment friendly compared with PVC
 - Smooth cutting by plotter machine
4) Flock
Roll Spec: 500mm x 50meter
 - Using High Density hotmelt adhesive, no hot-melt squeeze.
 - Beautiful 3D velvet finish
 - Supplied in rolls, not in sheets
 - No curling after transferring
5) Glitter Film
Roll Spec: 500mm x 50meter
 - No glitter dust
 - Creating brilliant sparkling in the light
6) Luminous
Roll Spec: 500mm x 25meter
 - Excellent effects of storing any visible light and glowing
 - Automatically glow in the dark, No external power source required
 - Non-toxic
 - Good usage in the garment for safety purpose
7) Reflective
Roll Spec: 500mm x 25meter
 - Great visibility in the night time
 - High intensity reflective properties
 - Good for fashion field due to its high performance and versatile application
 - Perfect quality for garment decoration
8) Printable PU or Printable PVC
Roll Spec : 500mm x 50meter
 - Allows vivid color printings
9) Design Film
Roll Spec : 240mm x 100meter or 315mm x 100meter
 - Glamorous effect by repeated design pattern in circle or square.
10) Matte Releasing Transfer Film
Made of 75micron or 100micron matte treated polyester film. Widely used in garment printing, such as wash care label, brand label, logo of T-shirt, sportswear, athletic wear, garment decoration and etc. Easy and smooth releasing. With high quality silicon coating treatment, we can control releasing rate as per customers request.
Standard spec :
Thickness : 75micron or 100micron
Width : 510mm / 1020mm